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5 Little Known Factors That Could Affect Your Business Negatively

5 Little Known Factors That Could Affect Your Business Negatively

The last couple of years the internet business changed the game dramatically. Now a days everyone can start a low cost business from scratch without renting an office, without spending thousands of dollars upfront for products in stock, without hiring an office assistant, sales representatives, shift supervisor etc.

The barriers to build up and expand a business have never been so low. You need only an internet connection, a domain name /10 dollars/, a hosting account /5 dollars per month/, a Facebook page /free/, a Twitter account and the desire to succeed.


15 bucks and your business is up and running.

Most likely by the time you are reading this post you have completed the steps mentioned above and you already have a business.

Most likely you already hustle and publish fresh content to promote your online business.

Most likely the results you currently have are not the ones you are looking for and you are trying to find out where you went wrong.

Let me tell you something. It is not your fault. I’ve been there too.

There are certain things we are doing unconsciously, but these practices are crucial for your success.

So, let’s dive and look at them closely!

#1: Bad time management

Time management is a must when it comes to business and success in general.

Having a time management system means all things you do to optimize and save time from your daily activities and invest this time in your business.

I wish I could realize this earlier, but we are all people and we are learning from our mistakes.

After spending too much time focusing on the wrong, not important things I found out that I should do all practices and tasks to grow my business first thing in the morning.

I wake up, brush my teeth, make a coffee and I get rid of all distractions – log out from Facebook, close my email account, switch off my mobile and focus on my business.

You should start your day this way too. Believe me, it works.

Being productive first thing in the morning is the secret recipe for success.

#2: Loosing too much time setting up and optimizing your website

I know that you probably started on a tight budget and in order to save some money you are doing all the techie stuff by yourself.


Free things sometimes end up really expensive, especially when it comes to business. Investing a big portion of your time will reduce the time you spend on marketing, building authority, copywriting, publishing new content and growing your business.

Don’t lose your time choosing a proper WordPress theme, installing plug-ins, placing opt-in forms etc. You can hire someone to do it for you really inexpensive. Search places like Fiverr, Elance and oDesk.

Placing an order is the easiest thing in the world and I can assure you that freelancers registered at these platforms know what to do and how to deliver quality.

#3: Underestimate Social media

Some people start their business, upload a ton of fresh content and at the end of the day are wondering why the result of their marketing efforts are so poor?

Let me step into this and try to explain further.

In order to get visitors, customers and leads you need to expand you online presence via social media sites.

Social media is changing the game and people underestimating social sites will struggle big time.

In order to avoid that you need to create a Twitter profile, Facebook business page for your organization, LinkedIn Profile, Google+ and Pinterest accounts.

Another smart decision is to place social sharing buttons in the beginning and the end of every blog post you publish, sidebar and pretty much every page on your blog. These buttons will give your readers and customers the opportunity to share your content and spread the word about your business.

Social Media platforms are free, invest some time interacting and engaging your social media followers and transform them into lifetime customers.

#4. Not building an email list

Looking back the time I started my blog I realize that my biggest mistake ever was that I did not started to build my email list from day one.

Building an email list is the only way you can create a passive income for years to come. Another great plus is that you can create traffic on demand by just sending a simple email.

It is easy, fast and you can send as many marketing messages you need.

It is a great way to ensure guaranteed sales to your new products.

How to build an email list?

It is really easy. You need just to place an opt-in forms on your company blog or website. The visitors enter their name and email address in exchange for tip or informational product and they become part of your database.

You can follow up with your subscribers later, provide them with great value and soft sell your products.

I know people with lists of 50 000 subscribers, that brings in seven figure income each and every year.

It is worth the efforts to build an email list?

I will leave the answer to you!

#5: Bad content marketing

Let’s assume that you write new blog post every day. The information is helpful, interesting and provides value. But only 50 people visit your blog.

Is it enough?

Will just updating your blog make you rich?

Hell NO!

You need to make sure that every time new content is published to your blog, it will reach as many people as possible.

Here comes the great power of social media.

You need to spread the content to all your social media profiles and leave the rest to the people. If you content is genuine and helpful your followers will create the so called “viral” effect which will perform like a snowball and brings in some new leads and customers for your organization.

Agree? Disagree?

Hit the “Like” button and share your thoughts below!

About the author: A passionate entrepreneur helping small businesses and business owners to succeed online, get more leads and sales stress free with no drama.

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