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11 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Business

Starting My Business

Looking back before starting my business, I realize I have walked a pretty long path in the last four years and I must admit… I have done a lot of mistakes and learned everything I know the hard way.

I believe also, that if I had the principles and knew the stuff I know now, back in 2008, I would be more successful and live even more joyful life then I’m living now.

Luckily for you today, I’m going to reveal pretty much all things you need to know to succeed in business, no matter what market and niche you choose.

#1: Focus on helping people, not making money

I know it is hard to believe but this is the way business and the whole universe works. It took me almost one year and a half to realize that, and I struggled … I struggled badly before that.

As most of people, I started my consulting and online business just to pay the bills and make money.I hated the fact that if I fail I will have to sell my time, working nine to five and will not afford to live the life I deserve. And I deserve a good life. We all do!

Working just to make ends meet I had pretty mediocre results, but when I focused on helping my customers, my business skyrocketed and my income tripled.

No matter how desperately you need money, it’s not about you.

It’s about helping people. It’s about your customers.

And if you do it the right way, money will flow your way, no doubt.

 #2: You don’t need huge capital to start up

Back in 2011, I thought that to start my own business I need huge capital. I thought I needed decent investment to rent an office, hire consultants and office assistant, buy office furniture, pay bills for electricity, water, phones, security etc.

So, I did my research and found a beautiful office, started interviewing people and just couple of days before I sign my lease agreement, I met a friend of mine who introduced me to the online business model.

He is an information entrepreneur and showed me the exact way his business works – he was working from home, he had a virtual assistant and he was selling informational products. And he did it pretty well. As a matter of fact he still does.

I was shocked. There was no need to build brick and mortar business.

The only thing I needed was to register a domain name /one-time fee of 10 bucks/ and a hosting account /$ 5 per month/.

For less than 20 dollars I was running a business with the opportunity to reach millions of people.

The barriers for joining the online lifestyle are lower than ever.

It is amazing, and if you are not having online business, I suggest to finish this article and register your first domain right away.

 #3: Consistency

Consistency is the key to success. You must bring your business forward every single day.

Over the years I developed a winning daily practice – I wake up early morning, have a cup of coffee, switch off my mobile phone and focus on the things that grow my business.

These things are different and strongly specific depending of your niche, but for my business some of them are – doing some calls to approach new customers, writing a new blog post, content marketing, working on my info products, blasting a newsletter, etc.

This routine proved over the time, and by noon I have done more work than some people working 8-10 hours a day.

And the best thing is that my afternoons are pretty free, so I can spend time with my family and friends, doing the things I love.

 #4: Be a Go-giver

I learned to be a go-giver in business and life. It is essential part of my philosophy.

I truly believe that I must give first, and if my customers do not receive at least ten times more than they are paying for, I will shut down my business straight away.

I’m absolutely confident that my clients receive the best services, products and customer support that they can get, and this way my friend is the way everyone should make business.

#5: Do not give up!

When I started my first business, I did not know what I’m doing. I was the best in my field and so what? I had no mentor, no business model, no system to follow.

Everything went in the wrong direction, and I had to shut it down couple of months after I launched it.

But I did not give up!

I accepted my failure as a lesson, and continued to develop business skills and educate myself.

You should not give up, either. Hustle every day and there is no way you will not succeed.

#6: Every business needs a blog

Am I kidding?


Every business needs a blog. Period.

A simple blog can build up your business from the ground. I know people making millions from their blogs.

And believe it or not, blogs are lead sucking machines.

Blogging is the best and cost effective way to get more exposure, get new leads and interact with your customers.

On top of that – search engines love blogs. You do not have to understand SEO, you do not need to write 2000-3000 word articles. You just need to upload good content on a regular basis that provides value to your audience.

And you know what?

Once uploaded, your content stays online forever. I’m getting traffic from blog post I wrote an year and a half ago.

It’s a long-term strategy.

Blogs are crushing. And they always will be.

#7: It is all in the list

I’ve said this a million times and I can’t stress it enough.

Money is in the list – and more precisely in the relationship with the list.

My biggest mistake ever was that I did not start to build my list from day one.

Your email list is your biggest business asset.

You have the ability to create traffic on demand, connect with your audience and sell more products and services.

I have to be completely transparent with you, my email list brings me 25% from my overall traffic and most importantly, my subscribers are five times more likely to share all content I publish in the social networks.

What’s holding you back?

#8: Engage with your audience

Interacting your audience will expand your online presence and brand, and will bring some new business for your organization.

My main goal is to engage with my visitors via all social media websites. I’m also answering personally all comments left on my blog and emails sent from my subscribers.

Investing some time to engage on a personal level with your audience is extremely  important as this relationship is building trust, authority and  lifetime customers.

#9: Branding matters

Branding is the only way people recognize your business among all other companies out there. My main advice is to get your own unique logo, and figure out a unique elevator pitch.

Do not go cheap when it comes to branding, so spend some decent money on your logo. Get at least five versions in different colors and pick the one that you like most.

You are going to need an elevator pitch, too.

Invest some time figuring it out.

My current elevator pitch is “Entrepreneurs Valley – The mind valley for entrepreneurs and online startups”.

#10: Always ask for feedback

The one and simple thing that brought the most money for my businesses is the feedback I got back from my customers.

Generally I have a great feedback, but I have had some bad feedback as well. And instead looking the bad feedback negatively, you can transform it into powerful weapon and get the best ideas from it.

My best selling one on one consulting program is based on a bad feedback I received two years back.

So, I always ask for a feedback. It keeps my mind sharp, productive and I’m constantly improving myself.

#11: Overcome negativity

Running a successful business requires a precise self-control and proper mindset.

I must tell you in advance, from day one you need to go through a lot of negativity, many brick walls you need to smash. And most probably, the worst will come from your best friends and family.

I’ve been there. The only thing that kept my head above the water, was the right mindset.

I got rid of all negativity in my life.

I got rid of the wrong people in my life, too.

This was the most difficult thing I did, ever. But this was the only way.

Final words

Hopefully you and your business will benefit avoiding the mistakes I made, when I first started.

Any of the lessons above, I learned the hard way, and I paid for it.

Be wise and don’t slow your success, you deserve it all!

“Like” and “Tweet” if you have made some of these mistakes!

Share other mistakes you have experienced below.

About the author: A passionate entrepreneur helping small businesses and business owners to succeed online, get more leads and sales stress free with no drama.

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